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Weekly Report

Joe Biden’s Replacement Named for DE Senate Seat

Biden’s replacement is Ted Kaufman, a long-time staffer and part of Biden’s transition team. Outgoing Governor Ruth Ann Minner named Kaufman to the seat in a press conference, and Kaufman has already announced his intention to only serve two years and give up the seat, presumably to Joe Biden’s son, Beau, who is currently serving a tour in Iraq.

Peter Orszag Signs Off on Blog

Peter Orszag, then-Director of the Congressional Budget Office, was named by president-elect Barack Obama to lead the Office of Management and Budget. Orszag was praised on both sides of the aisle for his work while at CBO. As part of his departure, he signed off on the CBO blog.

Terrorists Launch Attacks in Mumbai, India

Gunmen armed with automatic rifles, grenades and explosives launched a massive terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, killing 183 and wounding roughly 300. The gunmen had attacked nine “soft target” locations in Mumbai, including a train station, a Jewish center and two luxury hotels. The gunmen reportedly sought out westerners, asking hostages for their passports.

The Indian government succeeded in capturing at least one of the gunmen and have learned that they were Pakistani and had used Google Maps of Mumbai streets to find their targets.

President Bush is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to India to help ease the rising tensions between India and Pakistan as part of the fallout from the attacks. India is threatening to sever diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

YouTube became a forefront in coverage of the attacks, with news organizations posting stories to the website. Bloggers in India provided accounts of the events as they transpired, sometimes with erroneous information.   According to Al-Jazeera, bloggers are voicing their ire at the Indian government over the attacks.

Sarah Palin in Georgia? You Betcha’

Saxby Chambliss has enlisted the help of the GOP national base, and they have responded in droves, sending Zell Miller, Mitt Romney and Republican presidential candidate John McCain to stump in Chambliss’ runoff race against Democrat Jim Martin. Martin has enlisted the help of volunteers from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and Obama has cut a radio ad for Martin.

However, Sarah Palin stumped for Chambliss across the state on Monday. It is her first campaign event since the election.

Voters head to the polls on Tuesday, and Chambliss is currently predicted to win.

Wanna Work for Obama? You and 290,000 People.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Barack Obama’s transition team has received 290,000 applications for jobs in the administration. By contrast, the Bush administration had received 44,000 applications at this point.

It should also be noted that the Obama transition team believes that the 290,000 number will reach a million by the time Barack Obama is inaugurated.

Chris Matthews to Run for Pennsylvania Senate Seat?

According to FiveThirtyEight, maybe. Sean Quinn of the website reported a high-level source saying that Matthews was going to enter the race, but the website has now stepped back, simply saying that Matthews is staffing up for a potential senate run. Matthews has issued a denial of the story. Current Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter is treating Matthews’ entry as somewhat inevitable, saying that he will be ready, whether his opponent is Matthews or not.

Barack Obama Names National Security Team

In a move that was rumored for weeks, Barack Obama has named Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State as part of his national security team. Obama also announced that he will keep on Robert Gates as Defense Secretary while retired General James Jones will become the new National Security Adviser. Three other members of the team, Eric Holder as Attorney General, Susan Rice as U.N. Ambassador and Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, were also predicted moves.

Two Versions of the Same Story:

Al-Jazeera English

… and a link to NBC Nightly News’ Story

It should be noted that Obama hasn’t commented on the FBI and CIA positions, though presumed-front runner for the CIA director position, John Brennan, withdrew his name from consideration following outcry on the blogosphere over his involvement in torture advocacy during his tenure at the CIA during the Bush administration.

An Open White House

Tech President is showing examples of how the Barack Obama administration will open up dialogue and access to the White House in a series of posts. Dan Froomkin advocates for a “wiki White House” and Nancy Scola shows how Obama’s first attempt to do so isn’t quite what they were hoping for.

A Tale of Another Recount

Amidst all the hubbub over the Minnesota recount process, another one is about to take place in Virginia. Incumbent Rep. Virgil Goode lost his race to Tom Perriello by 745 votes out of 315,000 cast. The result is particularly surprising because Goode was perceived to be a lock in his race before the election. Perriello appears to have riden the coattails of Barack Obama in Virginia’s 5th District.

A Democrat winning in the 5th wouldn’t be a shock though. The last Republican to hold the 5th seat before Goode was John R. Brown, who lost his election in 1889. Goode was elected as a Democrat in 1997, switched his affiliation to Independent in 2001, and became a Republican in 2003.

It should be noted that Perriello used YouTube against his opponent, showing Goode’s use of a Hummer H3 in a Scottsdale, VA parade while Perriello rode with a Bio-Diesel tractor.

Wanna Be Chairman of the RNC?

The race for chairman of the Republican National Committee is heating up. Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele is one of the perceived front-runners while South Carolina GOP Chair Katon Dawson sent out a DVD of his biography and accomplishments.

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza discusses some of the candidates, but doesn’t elaborate on Jim Greer of the Florida GOP. The blog Politics1 revealed some suspect expenditures by the Republican Party of Florida, among them when Greer used GOP credit cards to pay for a $2,000 per night suite at a Florida hotel for Gov. Charlie Crist’s birthday.


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