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Weekly Report

1. Newsweek reports that Obama has chosen Eric Holden to be the Attorney General. The D.C.-based lawyer would be the first African American Attorney General. Marc Ambinder chimes in on the persistent rumors that Hillary Clinton will be tapped as Secretary of State. They would join new Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and other new appointees (Orzag, Philips, Jarrett) to the Obama transition team.

2. On Sunday, President-elect Obama resigned from the Senate. On Monday, he met with McCain (who Roll Call claims will run for Senate in 2010) to discuss bipartisanship. Beau Biden, Joe’s son and Delaware’s Attorney General, won’t accept his father’s Senate seat.

3. As president, Obama won’t be able to use his Blackberry because of security risks; this is a step back for the first digital, tech-savvy president.

4. Job applications from change.gov, Obama’s transition site, reinforce the “No Drama Obama” message, demanding the applicants disclose any embarassing emails or diaries.  ChoicePoint, a micro targeting/datamining company, will be doing the background checks for new employees.

5. Today, Senate Democrats chided Joe Lieberman before allowing him to keep his position as the chair of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee (despite his speech at the Republican National Convention).

6. A good week for Sarah Palin: Times Online reports she could get as much as $7 million for a book deal, and the McCain source who tipped Fox News that Palin thought that Africa is a country and not a continent was a fake.

7. Obama discusses the economy in the nation’s first radio address on YouTube.  He will use YouTube for these weekly addresses, another presidential first.  Not everyone agrees about the significance of this.  (In my opinion, it’s not nearly as cool as the Barack Roll.)

8.  In other news: A Dartmouth student beat out the incumbent county treasurer with an investment of $51 worth of Facebook ads.  eBay will not auction free tickets, at the request of Congress. Perhaps most critically, the Obamas join Bill Cosby as the only other people allowed free food at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

9.  At home: GM, Ford and Chrysler ask Congress for a bailout for the auto industry.  Congress is still hesitant.

10.  Abroad: Somali pirates capture a Saudi supertanker with $100 million of oil, then park it offshore of fishing villages.


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