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Hillary as Sec. of State?

So, I know that the marathon that was Campaign 2008 has left some worn out and sick of political coverage. But, I am really curious to know what you all think of all the chatter about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. In lieu of class this week, can we get a discussion going on here??

Here are a few articles on the subject:





3 Responses

  1. I think she is a good pick. I think she would be wise to take it because Nancy over there is going to be “chief “of the senate and we all know how Hillary loves the power. However if she takes it how does it affect her future (and slim chance) of becoming president oneday? I mean probably not going to happen, but people are speculating this on news programs and blogs. I for one think she is a smart pick and the Hillary dems will love it especially if he does well- in 8 years they will love him even more for chosing her and give him a better shot at a 2nd term. Of course they have to watch out and weigh the fact that Bill comes alongside her…….

  2. Fox is doing a piece on this right now- saying the Clintons are not team players and they come as a package. They like to lead and hard to work with-dangerous game to work with the Clintons in a position of power. “Like dancing with a snake” “She’s ticked; she paid her dues” “He is on damage control”

    Interesting thoughts…..

  3. I actually don’t think it would be a good pick. I was having this discussion with my mom the other day, and she asked me what I thought about all of Obama’s other decisions, throughout the campaign and post-Election Day. I thought, and responded that he ran an excellent campaign and had been making good decisions so for. She asked, why would he mess this one up? I think it all comes down to a political decision. I think Thomas Friedman (linked below) put it best. I just dont think they will be able to work well together. But, I think that Barack might owe something to, or at least feel like he does, to the Clintons.


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