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White House 2.0

For next week’s non-class, I’d like you to read some articles about “Government 2.0” and “White House 2.0” and then blog about what you’d like to see the Obama White House take on come January in terms of social engagement and social media. Draw upon everything you’ve learned so far in class and think about what the Obama campaign was most successful doing web-wise this year already.

Here‘s some reading to get you started. Make sure to read this transparency report (PDF) as well as this article and watch this video with my friend David Almacy, who was the White House e-communications director, and this lengthy interview.

We’re in a new world. How should the White House reflect that?

For the week of Thanksgiving, I’d encourage you to do your weekly blog post as a reflection back on the campaign. Think about what the most significant achievements were of this campaign, what was most ground-breaking, and what surprised you.

For the final class on December 3rd, come prepared with questions for the illustrious Joe Trippi. For that week’s blog post, think back to Trippi’s book (particularly the second half that’s more about how to use these tools) and answer this question: Could a frontrunner candidate successfully use the internet or is it inherently a tool of insurgent candidates? I’m really excited he’ll be our guest and I’m sure he’ll be entertaining.

At this point, I’m not going to worry about your blogs until December 3rd so don’t worry too much about when precisely you get them posted (although it’d be smart of you not to leave them all until December 2nd). Make sure you’re fully caught up that night.

You should have at least 16 entries (12 weekly posts and 4 of your choosing) and at least 20 del.icio.us links. And during our long break here, Katy, Molly, and Paul, don’t forget your weekly reports along the way! That’s 10 percent of your grade and I’d hate for you to forget about it.

Stay tuned for an email from me about the final paper.


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