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Weekly Report

1. Obama-mercial

Obama’s prime time spot last Wednesday was the most watched program of the night, with 33.5 million viewers. Many pundits argued about the impact that this very expensive campaign tactic would have on the election. It’s looking like something has worked. Later that night, Obama held two rallies in Florida and appeared on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, which enjoyed its largest audience ever, 3.6 million viewers.

2. Obama Pulls Reporters from Plane

With five days left until the election, Fox News reports that Obama has pulled three reporters, from McCain-endorsing papers from his campaign plane. The reporters from The Washington Times, The New York Post, and The Dallas Morning News have tried to cause an uproar over this move. The Obama camp says that the move comes from a desire to reach a national audience, which, they say, these papers do not.

3. Palin Gets Prank called

4. Palin Not Guilty on Ethics Charges

On Monday, a report from the state board was released that has cleared Gov. Palin of the charges that she violated state ethics laws when she fired the public safety commissioner.

5. Presidential Transition 2.0

As this campaign has shown, the Internet and new media are here to stay. How will the new president use these tools in his tenure? TechPresident  shares some thoughts.

6. Facebook Effect

President Senator Barack Obama garnered almost 400,000 new friends on Facebook over the pase two weeks, bringing his total to nearly 2.4 million. McCain’s total: about 620,000. Let’s see if these facebookers are (1) able to vote and (2) actually do vote.

7. FiveThiryEight Final Projection

FiveThirtyEight filed their final polls and projections this morning. Electoral College vote split: Obama, 349 and McCain, 189.

8. Karl Rove’s Electoral Map

The consummate Republican strategist issues his final projections with an Obama victory, days behind his endorsement of John McCain. Rove projects that Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania all go to Obama.

9. Redskins Rule

Following the past 17 presidential elections, there is a myth that conflates sports and politics. It is said that if the Redskins win the last home game before Election day, the incumbent party stays in the White House. The Pittsburgh Steelers clobbered the Skins, 23-6 at FedEx Field on Monday Night Football. Funny that the loss came from a team in a swing state.

10. Election Etiquette

TheRoot.com and Slate.com joined today to discuss Election Etiquette. Slate compiled a list of five things White people can’t do if Obama wins. And The Root did the same for black people.


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