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Weekly Report

Compiled by Elisha in no particular order.

(sorry for the weird formatting at some parts. I tried multiple times to adjust it, but I gave up so I could go vote.)

Sen. John McCain on SNL
Senator John McCain made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.  Even Senator Barack Obama thought he was funny. Obama wasn’t the only one who watched John Mccain’s performance. Nielsen ratings reports that almost 12 million viewers tuned on Saturday night, right behind his running mate Sarah Palin’s 15 million viewers.

Obama gives money back to possible illegal aunt
Three days before Election Day, we discover that Senator Obama has an aunt who is living in the US illegally. The Associated Press discovered that an immigration judge instructed Zeituni Onyango to leave the country four years ago. Her request for asylum from her native country of Kenya had been denied. For the past four years she has been living in public housing in Boston. Senator Obama said he did not know his aunt was living in the US illegally but believes that the laws should be followed.   





Palin Got Punk’d
No, not by Ashton Kutcher, but by the Masked Avengers, two Canadian comedians who have a regular radio show in Montreal. During the seven minute on-air conversation, they talked about hunting from a helicopter to Hustler magazine’s video “Nailin’ Paylin.” Palin’s response to the incident, “C’est la vie.” I wonder if anyone has been fired from Palin’s campaign. One of Obama’s senior advisers, Robert Gibbs, said ” I”m glad we check our calls before we hand the phone to Barack Obama.” 

Dick Cheney Endorses McCain
Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Senator John McCain at an event in Laramie, Wyoming on Saturday. However, Cheney’s hometown paper is backing Obama. Senator Obama created an ad the same day in response to Cheney’s endorsement. 
Senate Seats Up For Grabs
35 seats in the Senate will be filled after Election Day. 12 are held by Democrats, while 23 are held by Republicans. 11 competitive seats currently held by Republicans. Democrats need nine seats in order to have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Some states to keep your eye on: North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Oregon, Alaska, and Mississippi.
Obama’s Grandmother
Senator Barack Obama’s grandmother died from cancer Monday, just one day short of the historical 2008 presidential election. Hawaii Chief Elections officer, Kevin Cronin, tells ABC News that vote will count. Obama credits his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, as a person who helped shape him to the man he is today. She was 86 years old. 
Palin is in the Clear

A second report on Governor Sarah Palin’s Troopergate found that she did not violate any ethics rules in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner. A separate legislative investigation concluded that Palin had abused her power by allowing her husband and staffers to pressure the commissioner to fire a state trooper who used to be married to her sister. Palin’s lawyer, Thomas V. Van Flein, released a statement on Palin’s behalf saying the Governor is pleased with the results and with the conduct of the investigation. This could be a story line in a soap opera. 

Voting Problems
Two words: long lines. A record number of people are expected to visit the polls in order to vote in this historical election. Some voters went to their polling area at 3am in order to avoid the long lines, while others opted to vote early. Some polls are already experiencing some malfunctions. Some states may end up extending voting hours by an extra hour. Many voters have already uploaded videos on youtube of their voting experience. Here’s one guy’s short vlog on voting:
Pick ‘Em
Everyone thinks they know who will win and how it will be done. After today, we won’t have to guess anymore. The New York Times says the winner depends on what channel you watch. Most polls show Obama in the lead, but Marc Ambinder wonders what if we’re wrong?
Campaign Highlights
It’s been a long wild road to Election Day. Here are some video clips showing highlights of the 2008 presidential election. After today we will finally know who will be the next President of the US. So get out and vote in this historical election!











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