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Election Time!

Your assignment for next week’s class is pretty straightforward: Pay really close attention to the election. There’s a wealth of information and resources coming down to the wire and I want you to read as widely and as much as you can. For your blog entry, on election night find somewhere to watch the returns come in and sit down in front of your computer (or, if you’re partying, make some notes for later) and watch how the election plays out online. Which sites did you use to follow the election results? What signs of the internet’s impact do you see in the traditional media’s coverage? Do you see bloggers on TV? Do you see reporters turning to the web for information?

Think back to four years ago, where are you turning to information on Tuesday night that you didn’t use in 2004? Your Twitter feed? Your iPhone? Tuesday night should be a good case study for you in just how much the world has changed in just four years.

As for election night itself, here’s the Washingtonian’s guide to election night parties.

Also: Don’t forget that your blog needs to be entirely caught up by Wednesday’s class. If you’re missing an entry, your blog report, or a weekly report, it needs to be done by Wednesday or it won’t be accepted.


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