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I hope everyone enjoyed the debate last night—what did you think? Was Obama flustered? McCain crotchety? Who seemed more presidential? As my hero Marc Ambinder wrote, “McCain and Obama tied on points. Maybe McCain even won on points. Solid policy answers, tough policy attacks, solid command of the facts. The first and last thirty minutes were among McCain’s best. But debates aren’t usually won on points. They’re won on valence and visuals. Emotions and body language.”

We’ll know in the coming days whether the debate moved the needle, but it’s worth noting that 538 has downgraded Obama in electoral votes since last as a number of polls show a slight move towards McCain—although all those polls predate yesterday’s Dow plunge and last night’s debate.

Next week’s class will feature Michael Silberman, so if you haven’t read his chapter in the Mousepads book, make sure to do so for next week. As with Kevin Anderson, we’ll probably have Michael go for an hour or so and then talk about the assigned topic: fundraising. Make sure to get Trippi’s book under your belt for next week, although you might want to revisit it for the December 3rd class where we’ll have him in. For your blog post this week, read these articles: here, here, here, and here. Think about the implications of all this and make a prediction: Will a 2012 candidate be able to ONLY accept small online donations?

I also wanted to repost the weekly report schedule for the rest of the semester just a friendly reminder:

Week 8: Katie K.
Week 8: Byron

Week 9: Fernando

Week 10: Matt
Week 10: Elisha

Week 11: Brian
Week 12: Molly
Week 13: Katy R.
Week 14: Paul


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