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Weekly Report for October 1 (non-debate)

compiled by Bonnie

It was a week of financial freefall, political posturing and candidate gaffes.

1.  John McCain announced he would suspend his campaign and return to Washington to help resolve the financial crisis – raising a few eyebrows.  He also called for a delay in the debate slated for Friday night in Mississippi.    Barack Obama rejected that suggestion and said he would go to Mississippi.

2. Obama and McCain issued a joint statement on the economy. Neither candidate seemed to score points. 

3.  Republican Vice Presidential nominee  Sarah Palin suffered some setbacks of her own last week.  Her interview with Katie Couric Wednesday night was rocky. Some blogs again questioned her qualifications and at least one conservative blogger suggested Palin is in over her head and should step down.

4. The Democratic Veep candidate has a history of putting his foot in his mouth at times.  Politico.com’s Jonathan Martin calls Joe Biden a gaffe machine.

5.  Saturday Night Live didn’t miss another opportunity to poke fun at Palin with lookalike Tina Fey.  She and Amy Poehler did a send-up of the Katie Couric interviews.

6.  On ABC This Week with George Stephanopolous, John McCain defended Sarah Palin’s response to a voter’s question about cross-border attacks into Pakistan. The Republican Presidential candidate complained that Palin was a victim of “gotcha journalism”.

7. On Monday, the bailout deal failed to pass the House. The stock market took a nosedive. The blogosphere buzzed with anger and frustration about the dismal state of the economy. Kevin Drum of motherjones.com sounded depressed while DailyKos was more upbeat.   

8.  John McCain joined his running mate for Monday night’s Couric interview. Was he trying to shield her?   Meanwhile, a few in the conservative blogging world say Palin will enjoy a resurgence of popularity when she is interviewed outside “the liberal media”. 

9. An avalanche of constituent emails threatened to crash the Hill internet system Tuesday so congressional IT managers restricted access. Katie Couric’s final interview with Sarah Palin aired Tuesday evening. Numerous blogs slammed Palin for not being able to name news sources she reads. The Obama camp was not without its gaffes.  FactCheck.org declared inaccurate an Obama-Biden radio ad that rips into McCain for opposing federal stem cell funding.

10. And, to bring a little lightness to a very dark week — here’s a catchy little tune from a Wisconsin blogger — music for a bailout.   




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