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Online Organizing

Thanks for all the good discussion last night. There’s so much for us to think about and cover this semester in the heat of the election; I’m happy to see everyone engaged. My hope is to use much of the classtime for debate/discussion a la a seminar but if you ever feel there’s too much discussion, please let me know.

Next week we’ll begin diving into the sites that are changing this election and we’ll pick up what we missed last night with the campaigns’ own sites. Also make sure to begin monitoring your conservative blog and your liberal blog for your assignment due October 8th.

As part of this next week, I expect all of you to set up accounts on two social networking sites—Facebook and LinkedIn—if you haven’t already (my guess is that nearly everyone in class has these already). You’re welcome to never use it and delete it as soon as class is over but it’s important to dig around on Facebook and LinkedIn for this next unit and for assignments later on in class. Please “friend” me on Facebook and LinkedIn to let me know that you’ve done this.

For your blog post next week, think about how promise/bargain/tool fit into the campaign context. What are the campaigns offering to fulfill each of these criteria?


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