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Weekly Report for September 17 class

Posted roughly in order of occurrence…

Compiled by KAB

1. McCain appeared on “The View” last Friday in attempt to soften his image to gain votes from white women, though most blogs agree he was grilled pretty thoroughly on the show.  Blogosphere discussions noted that it’s especially important for McCain to connect with female voters in this campaign since some white, female Hillary supporters still haven’t committed to supporting Obama.  Polls show McCain currently leads Obama with votes from this demographic.

2. In honor of Saturday Night Live’s season premier, Tina Fey returned to play Sarah Palin in a skit w/Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton.

The Huffington Post posted instantly.  During the skit, Fey/Palin said, “Ya know, Hillary and I don’t agree on everything,” just as Poehler/Clinton interrupted the word “everything” and quipped, “ANYTHING.” After explaining that it’s not sexist to question anyone’s credentials, Poehler/Clinton ended the skit by saying, “In conclusion, I invite the media to grow a pair, and if you can’t, I will lend you mine.”

3.  The Obama campaign announced on Sunday that it passed a new fund raising record, receiving $66 million in August alone. The campaign also said it added 500,000 new donors.

4. Both campaigns took time off from the trail so as not to distract the public’s attention from victims of hurricanes and tropical storms across the country.  But some blogs critiqued the candidates, including one that said McCain should have been in Texas during Ike, and Politico’s remarks noting Obama’s continued political attacks on McCain during the storm.

5.  Oprah Winfrey, an Obama supporter who interviewed him twice on her show, will not be interviewing Sarah Palin. Because of this, the Florida Federation of Republican women is encouraging women to boycott Oprah by not watching her show and ending subscriptions to Oprah’s “O” magazine. Oprah made a decision early on not to interview candidates from either party on her show, but agreed to interview Palin after the election.  At least one blog, Daily KOS, notes the Drudge Report’s initial attention to this issue.

6. The Boston Globe dug up the fact that Sarah Palin has not visited an Iraqi battle zone after all, contrary to statements originally issued by the McCain campaign about the VP candidate’s past travel and experience.  Now, spokespeople for Palin say that she did not venture into the country beyond the Kuwait-Iraq border.

7. Karl Rove said that both campaigns have hit a new low with negative ads, and included a comment that McCain’s ads don’t pass the “100-percent-truth test.” Huffington Post commented that “When Karl Rove is saying your political ads have gone too far, you know you must be doing something dishonest.”

8.  Veterans for Freedom launched a $400,000 ad to run on CNN, FOX and MSNBC that contrasts Obama’s critique of the unsuccessful troop surge with General Patraeus’s claim that it was working.

9.  Turmoil on Wall Street gave both presidential candidates cause to explain how they would each remedy the situation as president. But Obama may get an extra, needed boost from this crisis, says Newsweek’s Stumper blog, because it gives him the opportunity to point to McCain’s out-of-touch statement that the fundamentals of our economy are strong and steers the conversation away from petty lipstick/pig arguments.

10.  One of John McCain’s top policy advisers made a statment that seemed to imply that McCain helped to create the BlackBerry, which only highlighted McCain’s lack of tech savvy–a topic highlighted in an Obama ad that ran last week.



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