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Week 3

I hope you’re all set for your first blog post—let me know if you have questions as you dive into this for the first time. I’m looking for your first blog post next week to focus on “The Boys on the Bus” and “The Last Campaign.”

Unless there’s something from the two books that you’re burning to write about (you’re always welcome to depart from the assigned questions if I don’t specify otherwise), focus on what differences you see from the press coverage of the 1948 campaign and the 1972 campaign: What’s different about the way the press approach the campaign? What’s different about the way the candidates approach the campaign? We’ll spend next class going over campaign coverage in the traditional media and blogging, looking at what makes a good blog, and then you’ll have another entry and round of del.icio.us links due the following week on my book, “The First Campaign.”


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