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Weekly Reports

Below are the assignments for your weekly reports. What I’m looking for in the weekly reports is a roundup of the ten most important digital campaign items of the week. These can take many forms but should be distinct from the most important MSM campaign items of the week—for instance, in this last week, Tom Friedman’s column itself would not qualify, but if you found some blogs talking about it or voter-generated content responding to it, that could count.

I’m looking each week for some combination of all of the sites that we will cover in class—from YouTube videos to blog posts to vlogs to podcasts to campaign emails to whatever else you find. TechPresident and Off the Bus are good places to start, as will be the blogs that we’ll be covering in class in the coming weeks. The format should be a 10-item list, including the title, link, and a couple of sentences about the context/meaning/importance of it (basically why you selected it).

I will be setting you each up with a account on this blog so you should be able to log-in and post directly on this. If you run into any problems logging in, let me know. I’ve set up accounts for the first two weeks’ victims reporters now, so Katherine and Nisha, check your email.  You’ll notice there’s a “Weekly Report” category, so make sure to tag your entry in that category when you post.

Here are the assignments:

Week 3: Katherine B.
Week 4: Nisha

Week 5: Sasha
Week 5: Bonnie

Week 6: Kinda
Week 6: Peter

Week 7: Arin

Week 8: Katie K.
Week 8: Byron

Week 9: Fernando

Week 10: Matt
Week 10: Elisha

Week 11: Brian
Week 12: Molly
Week 13: Katy R.
Week 14: Paul

Treat these assignments as hard deadlines (as would befit a journalist-in-training). There will be no late posts accepted. Your post must be live on the site by midnight Tuesday so that people can review it prior to class starting. If, for whatever reason, your assigned week does not work for you (travel/work/finals/etc.), it’s up to you to find another classmate to switch with. AFTER you’ve agreed to a switch, let me know and I’ll update this post. A reminder: This project is 10 percent of your final grade.

I’ve doubled up the weeks where there’s a presidential debate and the week of the election. For the weeks where there’s a debate, I want the first person listed to concentrate solely on online news/content about the debate. The second person listed should concentrate on all non-debate news/content. For the two assigned during the week of the election, the first person listed should plan on posting a news roundup on Friday evening (October 31st) covering everything that’s happened from Tuesday to Friday. The second person listed should post, as usual, on the night of the election covering all material from Friday to Tuesday.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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